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Corporate identity is what makes up the physical look of your brand. It usually includes your logo and the supporting devices such as your website, letterhead and business card as well as your social media platforms and the ‘tone of voice’ of your business.

Maintaining a consistent corporate identity is vital if you want to show your business in a professional light. Sticking to a particular palette of colours and fonts, consistent logo positioning and using the same tone of voice throughout your printed and online communications will all help to enhance your professional stance.

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If corporate identity is the physical look of your brand, brand identity is how the company wants the brand to be seen. This could incorporate a sense of personality or values and also the features and benefits of the products or services of your brand. It is worth mentioning that the brand identity naturally lends itself to incorporating the culture, goals and objectives of the company. For example, Google has a vibrant, fun, innovative culture and work place which is also shown in their brand and corporate identity.

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Brand image is how the customer actually perceives and interprets your brand. It may not necessarily be the same as the brand identity. A customer can recognise the logo of a brand which can instantly evoke a feeling of trust. A good example is Coca Cola – you see the logo, you instantly know you are getting a quality product.

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 Nuforms Design provides web design with development and promotion, brand identity for social media or print production.

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Nuforms Design provides web design with development and promotion.
Service options and solutions for start-ups, small to mid-size businesses, enterprise organizations and marketing agencies.

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